New positive energy bomb for business

Boom! #positivethinking #positiverevolution #workhappier #succeedhappier

First I planned to write a lot about that following picture. Well, now I decided to present it as a REFLECTION which CAN be a meaningful present if you just let it happen.

Have you ever seen one of this flowers growing through asphalt? Love this. That‘s a very telling symbol. Look how this beauty blooms, even if her way must have been more than tuff! The boundary conditions are horrible!

I‘d like you to take this as a comparison to some states of your business and your own thinking.
Maybe related to Corona-blues, maybe to some very bad situation you are facing, maybe on challenges you might think you will not manage. Get your positive thinking bomb here.


  • how did this flower feel when it was a little seed? Did it have the right environment to grow? Was there hope? It‘s biggest problem?
  • why did it grow defying it all (because it did!)? Which attitudes and which thinking enabled it? Which key success factors made it win?
  • how does it feel, now as a blooming flower in the middle of the asphalt? How does it perceive the world?
  • is this flower strong? resilient? happy? Bold? Confident on achieving goals?
  • what mesage should it spread out to the world?

Find happyness!

Your CoachWoman