New signs of success that make you happy!

Succeeding happy – and happiness in business. Can it be true?! Yes, of course!

These 4 signs for personal success (whatever it is to you) also help create resiliency during every crisis, build self trust, make you smile, feel awesome… something else needed?

What’s your status?
Do you already think it‘s possible to succeed happier? Do you already do? Which additional signs of success do you know, have and maybe want to share?

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Lasst uns über Feedback-Kultur reden!

Warum Du mit Feedback Menschen klüger und glücklicher machen kannst! Es ist Zeit für eine Veränderung.

Zum Thema Feedback gibt es leider echte PROBLEME in unseren deutschen Unternehmen:

  • wir trauen uns nicht, jemanden zu „kritisieren“
  • überhaupt denken wir, Feedback sei Kritik! Dabei ist es eine „Rückmeldung“, die beides, positiv und negativ, sein kann.
  • wir melden nur negatives zurück und selten positives!
  • wir verpacken Kritik auffällig in ein Sandwich zwischen bedeutungslosen Lobhymen, nur um die Kritik „in der politisch richtigen Form“ los zu werden.
  • wir sind nicht mutig genug, Konfrontationen einzugehen, haben eine heiden Angst vor dem Echo.

WHY? Da fehlt einfach das richtige Verständnis und Mindset!

Think different! Es geht auch so:

  • wir können uns jederzeit sowohl GUTE als auch SCHLECHTE Rückmeldungen geben! Je häufiger wir das tun, desto normaler fühlt es sich schon bald an.
  • lasst uns Feedback zu schätzen wissen! Es sind ehrliche Stimmen über Deine Arbeit und Deine Person! Wie cool, dass sich jemand die Mühe macht, überhaupt darüber nachzudenken und es Dir zu sagen!
  • GUTES Feedback macht glücklich und bestätigt Deine besonderen Fähigkeiten und Stärken.
  • negatives Feedback ist der allerbeste Weg, über Deine Lernfelder informiert zu bleiben. Nutze die Chance, um besser zu werden. Heute ist schließlich nicht aller Tage!
  • in einer Kultur/in einer Firma, in der es völlig normal ist, dass alle sich gegenseitig mit Feedback befruchten – einfach so! -, da wird es auch niemals ein Problem sein, Kritik zu äußern! Sie wird vielmehr dankbar empfangen.
  • Vergesst dabei Hierarchien, es geht uns besser werden!

Für eine bessere Arbeitswelt von morgen!
Cool, dass wir Komplizen sind.
Deine Coachfrau.

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New measures for career success

Today I saw the following graphics which immediately touched me. It‘s about a new way of thinking on your own „career measurement“ from a much more holistic, human and happy-making side than most of us learned. For many people work life is all about a great job title and a huge salary. Maybe sometimes „a show for the others“.

This (at first view very personal) topic is influencing a good corporate culture very much. Why? When it comes to employee satisfaction and good relationships, identification, a common WHY, health, well-being at work and deleting all the „ellbows and egos“ just because of career wishes.

Work belongs to everyone’s life, same as friends, hobbies and family. At least it takes the most hours of our day at all. Which factors are more right to measure a good and satisfying job? And what’s worth to think about for your future career decisions?

Finding answers on this, you can also have a look at the other big and important components of your life. What do your family, fiends and hobbies do FOR you? Right, they are there because they make you feel good, give your best for and with them, there to grow together and they keep you at least healthy and smiling. Same could a job do for you. Already agree?

That‘s why I’m sure: it will not take very long until the second cake is state of the art!

„Liking what you do“ especially gets a bigger piece from me. Because purpose and happiness at work lead to the other cake peaces automatically (yeah):

– mental and physical health

– the salary that’s fine for you

– suitable title

– and enough balance.

You just get a whole great sugar cake if it’s cool for you, what you do and how you do it.
Liking what you do creates „natural“ high performance and love-of-achievement, seeing „stress“ from positive side while enjoying the journey.

Cool picture. New success measurement. Let‘s spread this vibe and see the seed grow!

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New positive energy bomb for business

Boom! #positivethinking #positiverevolution #workhappier #succeedhappier

First I planned to write a lot about that following picture. Well, now I decided to present it as a REFLECTION which CAN be a meaningful present if you just let it happen.

Have you ever seen one of this flowers growing through asphalt? Love this. That‘s a very telling symbol. Look how this beauty blooms, even if her way must have been more than tuff! The boundary conditions are horrible!

I‘d like you to take this as a comparison to some states of your business and your own thinking.
Maybe related to Corona-blues, maybe to some very bad situation you are facing, maybe on challenges you might think you will not manage. Get your positive thinking bomb here.


  • how did this flower feel when it was a little seed? Did it have the right environment to grow? Was there hope? It‘s biggest problem?
  • why did it grow defying it all (because it did!)? Which attitudes and which thinking enabled it? Which key success factors made it win?
  • how does it feel, now as a blooming flower in the middle of the asphalt? How does it perceive the world?
  • is this flower strong? resilient? happy? Bold? Confident on achieving goals?
  • what mesage should it spread out to the world?

Find happyness!

Your CoachWoman